Embrace Authenticity at Work, Improve Corporate Culture


Leaders, change the narrative.

It's time to enhance corporate culture. Embracing authenticity is mutually beneficial in the workplace. It will positively impact your bottom line.

Be the change. Today, not later.

Why should you care about making a difference and improving corporate culture, afterall, aren't folks paid to work? What's the big deal about authenticity in the workplace anyway?


High Employee Turnover Rates

If your employees are not happy, they will find something better and leave. Sometimes it will happen in groups and even move to your competitors. Statistics show that unhappinness in the workplace contributes to high employee turnover rates.

In a 2019 survey, 76% of employees said empathy increases productivity. Source: BusinessSolver


Time for a Positive Change

Be the change maker. It's time to activate and implement the changes you have voiced publicly but haven't yet incorporated. This era has shown people what really matters and if your employees aren’t happy they will leave. Period.

You want to effect change. You don’t want to lose incredibly talented and exceptional staff. You are committed to transforming corporate culture that represents a group that is transparent, empowered and productive.


Your Reputation

Your reputation is at stake. Lack of effective change in increasing diversity in the workplace and embracing authenticity can affect your contractual agreements and attracting prospective clients.


What Do The Stats Reveal?

“People perform best when they feel valued, empowered, and respected by their peers. When we feel included and respected, our bodies create hormones and healthy energy that raises our performance at work.”-


Growth & Scalability

Do you know that happy and empowered employees bring in the best referrals? A study by Oxford University reveals that happy employees increase productivity by 13%.

Meet Belinda.

The founder of Activate & Implement LLC, Belinda Enoma is a New York-based global speaker, corporate trainer, writer, cybersecurity and data privacy professional. With a background in law and IT, she has over 20 years professional experience. When not consulting, she is speaking at conferences, hosting her annual global iEmancipateMe conference, training or coaching clients.

Belinda is the host of Destiny Chats, a podcast focused on stories, strategies and solutions that help global listeners to implement projects successfully.

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Why fix that corporate issue?

The new “Be The Change” training is for corporations determined to effect positive change in the workplace. Sometime ago, I spoke to leaders at the Data Leadership Summit in London about the importance of authenticity in the workplace, what leaders can do to nurture employee skills and boost morale and how to empower teams to use their gifts and talents. During conversations with some attendees and feedback after the speaking engagement, it became more apparent that lack of authenticity in the workplace is a serious problem that corporate needs to fix urgently.

People want to be real. There are many exceptional talents, multipotentialites or polymaths in organizations but leaders won’t know them because the corporate culture doesn’t encourage it. Hence, employees are unhappy, do not stay and voluntary turnover rates increase. Then, it hits the corporate BOTTOM LINE! - Belinda Enoma

Happy employees increase productivity.

"We found that when workers are happier, they work faster by making more calls per hour worked and, importantly, convert more calls to sales." - Professor De Neve, Research by Oxford University's Saïd Business School

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